The Karg Family Pets

These are our pets.  They are:


Digger is Joshua's pet hamster.  We got him after the other pet hamster died.  We got him at the pet store - called PetSmart.  This is his cage.
Digger's cage
The cage has a lookout and observation deck.  We can hold him and touch him here, and he is very curious.
Digger, the hamster
These are his funnels - fun tunnels.  Joshua bought them with his allowance.  He gets one dollar for each year of age..  He gives one dollar for church, two dollars for savings, and four dollars to spend as he wants.
Fun tunnels
Digger likes to climb up the tubes to the observation deck, and often sleeps at the entrance.
Digger, close up


Rebel likes to be fed every morning when dad leaves for work.  She is particular about the kind of food that we feed her.  Rebel has an attitude.  She will let you play with her for a little bit, but then may bite you for fun.  She also likes to play with a string on a stick.
Rebel the cat


Fighter is Joshua's beta fish.  He feeds the fish three specks of food every day.  The fish gets excited when Joshua feeds him.  The fish likes it when the kids come around.
Figher, the beta fish


Megan is our dog.  We have had her for as long as mom and dad have been married, and she was two years old then.  She is very nice to us.  She is an outdoor dog.
Megan, the golden retrieve - chow mix

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